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Soft dusting brush


Soft bristles gently remove dust and allergens from flat surfaces and furniture.
Vacuum-assisted dusting around the home.

Estimated delivery:
Sydney & Melbourne metro 1 – 2 days. For other states and non metro areas:
5 - 7 days.


  • Gently removes dust and allergens

    Soft dusting brush gently removes dust and allergens from flat surfaces, delicate areas and upholstery.

  • Fine nylon bristles

    Fine nylon bristles angled at 45° to sweep dust into the airflow, where it is sucked away.

  • Non-stick

    The front bristles are wider spaced to prevent sticking to furniture.

  • Felt strip protects delicate surfaces

    A felt strip along the centre of the brush protects polished and delicate surfaces from scratching.

  • Distributes suction power evenly

    The tapered shape channels airflow to distribute pressure evenly across the length of the Soft dusting brush.