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Stubborn Dirt Brush


With stiff bristles for removing mud and dried-in dirt.
For use with Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums.

Estimated delivery:
Sydney & Melbourne metro 1 – 2 days. For other states and non metro areas:
5 - 7 days.


  • Stiff nylon bristles

    Stiff nylon bristles agitate carpet pile to dislodge stubborn and ground-in dirt.

  • Directs dirt into the airflow

    The bristles are angled to create a flicking action as they work through carpet pile - popping up dirt into the airflow, where it is sucked away.

  • Engineered to be easier to push

    Gaps between the bristles make the brush easier to push and prevent it sticking to surfaces.

  • Tough and durable

    Made from tough polypropylene for strength and durability.


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